about us

Chainstitch Repair Company  was founded in Camden, Maine in 2016. It started out of necessity to repair our own embroidery machine that was purchased in non-working condition. With an interest in learning the craft of embroidery, we replaced the necessary parts and in the process learned about the mechanical intricacies of the machine. This included how to find and manufacture the required replacements. After 2 years of machine repair, we have honed our skills in troubleshooting misbehaving devices and improving the quality of already tuned machines, each one with their own character.

Chainstitch Repair Company offers a wide range of parts imported from overseas and fit and finished in the USA. 

We have expanded into custom embroidery to fulfill initial curiosities through our creative outlet of CHARECO Custom Embroidery,  founded in 2016. Now, we collaborate with clients on custom embellishments and stock stores throughout New England.